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Privacy Policy


realizes how important social responsibility is and works honestly to meet the needs of its customers and make a positive difference in the world. In the course of doing business, CarsGuru collects personal information from its customers. This information is important to both the customers and CarsGuru because it helps create new value. With the following Basic Policy, CarsGuru keeps Personal Information safe from information security threats and lives up to its customers’ expectations of its reliability. CarsGuru is a company that cares about how it handles Personal Information.


(Policy for Protecting Personal Information)


  1. CarsGuru follows the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, the Act on the Use of Social Security and Tax Number System (also called Individual Number or “My Number”) Numbers to Identify a Specific Individual in the Administrative Procedure, and any other relevant government laws, rules, and guidelines.
  2. CarsGuru has set up a management framework to protect Personal Information, given a person the position of “Personal Information Protection Administrator,” and put the right protections in place to keep it safe.
  3. CarsGuru only uses personal information for the purpose for which it was collected, which is made clear to customers and takes steps to make sure it doesn’t go beyond that purpose. CarsGuru doesn’t give or share Personal Information given by customers to third parties unless the customer who gave the Personal Information gives permission or there’s a good reason.
  4. CarsGuru works hard to prevent unauthorized access to Personal Information and the loss, theft, or damage of Personal Information. It does this by constantly improving, fixing, and managing information security.
  5. CarsGuru answers questions about Personal Information or requests from customers for their Personal Information to be shared in a sincere way and quickly.
  6. Information about you

Personal Information is information about an individual User that can be used to find out who the User is based on the User’s name, address, phone number, e-mail address, educational institution, or other details, etc. Personal Information also includes any information that can’t be used on its own to identify the User, but which can be easily put together with other information and then used to identify the User.


*This Privacy Policy talks about “Personal Information,” but not about “Specific Personal Information,” etc.


  1. How personal information will be used

CarsGuru will only use Personal Information for the reasons listed in the “Purpose of Use” section.

The Purpose of Use is explained to our customers in detail and is posted on our website, as shown below.  CarsGuru will try to limit the Purpose of Use based on how the information was gathered.


(1) Getting the most out of our business and service.

(2) Service notices and other information to its customers.

(3) Giving notice to shareholders, giving them different kinds of information, and managing shareholders

(4) Using rights or fulfilling duties based on the Act of Tanzania and other relevant laws and ordinances.

(5) Responding to customers’ questions, requests, etc.

(6) Doing things that aren’t part of (1) through (5) above and things that are needed to run CarsGuru’s business well and smoothly.

If CarsGuru wants to use a customer’s personal information in a way that goes beyond what is needed for the Purpose of Use, it will ask the customer’s permission, unless it is one of the things listed in Paragraph 3 of Article 16 of the Privacy Act.


  1. Giving personal information to other people

CarsGuru will not give a third-party access to a customer’s personal information without the customer’s permission unless one of the following is true:


(1) required by laws or ordinances; (2) needed to protect a person’s life, body, or property (including that of a legal entity) and hard for the customer to agree to; (3) made to a consignee within the scope needed to run our business; (4) used together with a group company or a business partner of CarsGuru within the scope of the intended use; (5) provided in a way that can’t be recovered.



  1. A disclaimer about giving personal information to other people

CarsGuru won’t be responsible if a third party gets a hold of your personal information if any of the following are true:

(1) A User gives his or her own Personal Information to a specific company by using a function in the Services or by another means (for questions about how Personal Information is handled in the Service Using Companies, etc., please contact each of the Service Using Companies, etc. directly); (2) A User is unexpectedly identified by information entered by the User in the Services; (3) A User gives Personal Information to, and the Personal Information of the User is used by a third party.

(5) In addition to what has already been said, personal information can be leaked by computer viruses and other similar things.


  1. Keeping an eye on contractors

CarsGuru may outsource all or part of how we handle our customers’ personal information. In this case, CarsGuru chooses a contractor who is expected to handle personal information correctly. This includes things like Security Management Measures, confidentiality, terms of use for re-assignment, and returning personal information when the contract agreement ends or expires. The contractor is also expected to provide the necessary and appropriate supervision.


  1. How to Handle Private Information

CarsGuru will not collect, use, or give Sensitive Information to a third party, such as information about your health or case history, unless the Privacy Act, other relevant laws, ordinances, and guidelines say otherwise.


  1. How to handle specific personal information, among other things.

The “My Number” Act limits how Specific Personal Information, etc. can be used, and CarsGuru won’t collect or use Specific Personal Information, etc. for any other reason than what is allowed by the Act.

We won’t give specific personal information or other information to a third party unless the “My Number” Act says we can.


  1. Notice of Matters, Disclosure, Changes, or Suspension of Use of Personal Information and Specific Personal Information, etc.

Under the Privacy Act, if a customer wants to know about something, see, change, or stop CarsGuru from using Personal Information and Specific Personal Information, etc., they should contact the “Contact Office” listed in Clause 11 below. After we confirm that the customer is the one making the request, we ask the customer to fill out a form that we give them. CarsGuru will then follow the rules and, in most cases, send a written answer in a timely and proper way. CarsGuru will charge the fees that are set by law to answer any disclosure request.


  1. Use of Cookies

Cookies help Cars Guru improve the services on its websites. Check out what we say about cookies.

10. Taking care of personal data and specific personal information, among other things.

Cars Guru will use reasonable security measures to keep Personal Information and Specific Personal Information, etc. safe and to prevent the loss, theft, or damage of Personal Information and Specific Personal Information, etc. that it handles. It will also make sure that Personal Information and Specific Personal Information, etc. that are needed to reach the Purpose of Use are accurate and updated as soon as possible.


  1. How to get in touch

CarsGuru will respond right away and in the right way to any complaint or question about how Personal Information and Specific Personal Information are handled, etc.

If you have a question or want to talk to someone about how we handle Personal Information, Specific Personal Information, etc., please contact the office listed below.


Contact: +255-765-315-555


  1. A look at the policy on privacy

Cars Guru handles Personal Information according to the law and other best practices, and it is always looking for ways to improve the above things without giving notice. The Privacy Policy may be changed if the rules, such as the law, change. When we make changes to this Privacy Policy, we will post them and change the date it goes into effect.

  1. Other:

The first draught of this Privacy Policy was written in Tanzania. If the other language version and the Tanzania version don’t agree, the Tanzania version will win.

The law of Tanzania will govern how the Website is used and how the information on it is understood.

If there is a disagreement about the Website or how it is used, it is agreed that the first hearing will take place in the Yokohama District Court.